Astragalus Root Tea Benefits - Health Benefits and Uses

For centuries, the Chinese have relied on a multitude of all natural remedies to help fight disease and promote good health. One of their most trusted tools is astragalus root, used most commonly as astragalus root tea but available in several different forms. Traditional medicines have grown in popularity over the last few years, and this remedy has become better known as a result. While scientific studies are still ongoing, users of the tea have reported many different beneficial results to accompany the ancient Chinese beliefs concerning it. It is commonly relied on to help boost the immune system as well as helping with a number of health issues.

Fights Disease

Some of the compounds that make up the chemical components of astragalus root include polysaccharides as well as glycosides specifically known as astragalosides. These might help explain the effect of astragalus root tea on certain disease, because they are biologically active and exert an effect on the body. There have also been a number of trials and tests to help research this, that have shown that astragalus root does indeed show a significant impact on fighting off infections and may help reduce asthma symptoms.

Improves Immune System

The health studies that have been completed have found that astragalus root tea has a profound positive impact on the body's immune system, making it much more efficient at fighting off illnesses. Drinking the tea made from the root regularly can reduce the amount of time that you get sick from colds or flu, for example. But there are more surprising benefits to be gained from this natural tea, as well.

Increases Energy

If you're combating fatigue regularly, drinking a cup of the tea might even help invigorate you and give you the energy you've been lacking. There are many different health benefits to be found from this ancient remedy, and since it is all natural in nature it is much safer than other drugs may be. You should still check with a doctor before you begin a regimen of the tea, especially if you're pregnant or breastfeeding. But the risks are minuscule and the benefits profound, which helps explain its rising popularity in this country.

Improves Circulation

Another great benefit that has been found is that astragalus root tea is also definitely good for is in improving blood circulation, preventing heart disease or strain, and reducing any inflammation in the body. All of these benefits are well documented in Chinese medical journals, and many herbalists recommend this tea for general feelings of ill health. However, before taking this as a medical treatment of any kind, it's best to double check with your healthcare professional. There has not been enough research in pregnant and breastfeeding women, for example, to know if this could have any negative effects.

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